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Writing Update!

So, this is it. The mama-jamma, monster, reason for being, super-gargantuan piece of writing that gave me a Master’s degree. MY THESIS.

An Analysis of Femininity: How Popular Female Characters In the Media Portray Contemporary Womanhood.

That’s a super fancy way of saying “how do girls on TV influence girls in the real world.”

This was truly a labor of love, and a rather fun project to work on. As you’ve noticed, my research field while in graduate school was primarily young women and how the media affects our cohort. All of my research during those two years culminated in this document. Hope you find it interesting!


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Writing Update!

As I’m closing down my time here in graduate school, I’ve posted a few more of my master research papers in the Writing section.

Check them out here.

Both papers were written last semester and focus on women in the media and how adolescents connect with media characters, and how that might impact their construction of identity. Hope you enjoy!

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Typeface for Tennessee: Writing Update!

A new update to my Writing page!

Sometimes, the most creative and innovative projects can come from the most unlikely of places. This is the case with Chattanooga, Tennessee. Most often known for its outdoor activities and railroads, Chattanooga has experienced revitalization in the last few years of its business sector and cultural footprint. Capitalizing on this new growth, two artists have sparked national interest in Chattanooga’s economic development plan because of one customized design element: a typeface. This case study explores how this story binds together economic development, marketing, good visual communication and the power of a community.

Check out the case study here: https://tuliptea.wordpress.com/writing/

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Writing Update!

I’ve posted a new selection on my Writing page! It’s an article review from an integrated marketing communication project I worked on. You may not be able to read the full, original article, but my review is a summary of its key takeaways.

It helps explain a little bit more about the process of integrated communication and the need for a marketing mix. Enjoy!


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Writing Post Update

Hi all! I’ve added a new section for my writing. Whether it be school related, personal or just goofy musings, it is a page to share original content.

The new post is a case study I just completed about the “Ashley” bikini controversy at Abercrombie and Fitch. It’s an interesting look into sexualization of young girls and corporate responsibility. Is selling a push-up bikini top to 8 year old girls a little “over the top?” It’s up to you to decide.

Read the full study here: https://tuliptea.wordpress.com/writing/