Baby’s First Beach

We hit another milestone earlier this month when we took Audrey to the beach for the first time. What a trip! Not only did she love the sand, the water and the sun, she also loved not sleeping, practicing her diva moves and biggest of all … walking! We have a little brave one on our hands. She absolutely loved it. Rolled around in the sand, played in it, played in the waves, swam in the water, she did it all. And she took those first few precious steps (naturally in front of an audience) and when we came home I looked at her and saw a little girl, instead of my baby. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it 🙂









Recipe Time! Watermelon Salad

I love watermelon. I like anything flavored watermelon, the colors of watermelon and the feelings watermelon can inspire (summer, swimming, the beach, etc.). I’m even growing a watermelon in my stomach, just kidding … it’s really a baby 🙂

So when I was tasked with helping to cook dinner one night of our family beach vacation, watermelon seemed like the perfect, light addition to the fajita-based menu. I heard about using watermelon in salads, but I usually strayed away from the idea because I normally don’t like fruit in my savory foods, but I figured I would at least try it.

And this recipe was a hit! I adapted it a bit from this recipe here: Balsamic Watermelon Salad, but you can Google or search on Pinterest and get 1000 different recipes. I’ve seen recipes with tomatoes, cucumbers, nuts, etc. But here’s what I did.

watermelon salad


1 seedless watermelon (adjust based on number of people)
1 red onion, very thinly sliced
1 package of crumbled Feta cheese
Salt/pepper to taste (you might need a lot of salt)
Balsamic vinegar (I just drizzled all over the top until it looked like enough)
Mint leaves (I didn’t use, but it sounds like a nice addition)

Chop the watermelon into bite size pieces. Put in large bowl with onion and feta, season with salt and pepper and drizzle (or douse) with balsamic vinegar. Gently mix. And that’s it! I put it in the fridge for about an hour before serving so the watermelon was nice and cold. Delish!

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Dear You

Dear You:

What's up

You turned 28 this week. I’ve known you since you were 18. That’s not much in the grand scheme of life, and there are others who have known you much longer, but I can only tell you that in the last 10 years, I’ve come to love you more and more.

You forgot to take the trash bag out yesterday morning, but I didn’t get mad (yay me!) because I knew you were racing to work to make it another record day for your business. It makes me smile that you love your job and love providing for our family.

You get to have a birthday party this weekend! I won’t mind waking up early on Sunday morning to cook for 20 of our closest friends because I see how your eyes light up when we talk about it, and you can’t think of anything more fun than watching the Saints game with these people. I can’t think of anything greater, either.

You told me I stunk last night. But that’s OK because…I did.

You won’t believe that amount of groceries I’m going to bribe you to come buy with me.

You make me happy, and I hope our future little boys (I’M NOT PREGNANT:-)) have your exact same personality so I can have more and more and more and more of you for the rest of my life.

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What I Did This Summer

If you couldn’t tell already from all the Facebook posts exclaiming “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY AUGUST, AHHH!!” Summer is drawing to a close, and my daily life is changing again. So, in true “back to school” fashion, here is my “What I Did This Summer” essay…in blog form.

It’s a timely post, being that it will probably be the last summer of its kind, on break from school, part-time work and more time on my hands that I know what to do with. I tried to make it as productive as possible, so let’s review, shall we?

What I Did:

Spent time with some of the best people I know.






Hung out with my two favorite guys.



Did a few cool things along the way…

macy gray


And even though I didn’t get through full stack of books to read this summer, I read…ALOT. And that was great.

summer reading

What I Learned:

1. I’m worth every penny (and probably more) someone will pay me to work in marketing, pr, advertising, etc. (ahem…so hire me in a year!)

2. I’m a great cab/taxi driver. I can take someone to the airport like a pro.

3. Even five, small homegrown tomatoes are better than 50 store bought tomatoes.


4. I’m better at being busy.

5. Memories are like my drug. I can’t break my nostalgic tendencies…so I make arts and crafts out of them!

t-shirt quilt

I’m looking forward to a new Fall, a new semester, a start of a new year. But I sure have enjoyed this quiet, soothing Summer.

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Manna From Heaven

And then manna sprang forth from heaven, bursting with life and yummy-ness


My first tomato, friends. I’ve watched over, prayed over, did a rain dance over my little garden, since I planted it earlier this Spring.

I’ve got plans for this little guy. And they include my friends salt and pepper. And that’s it. It’s officially Summer.

P.S. My zucchini were not so lucky and well-loved. I’m still holding out hope for them, but they are very small, and turn very dark green, way too quickly. Poor little things. But if you want basil or parsley – I’m your girl.