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Writing Update!

So, this is it. The mama-jamma, monster, reason for being, super-gargantuan piece of writing that gave me a Master’s degree. MY THESIS.

An Analysis of Femininity: How Popular Female Characters In the Media Portray Contemporary Womanhood.

That’s a super fancy way of saying “how do girls on TV influence girls in the real world.”

This was truly a labor of love, and a rather fun project to work on. As you’ve noticed, my research field while in graduate school was primarily young women and how the media affects our cohort. All of my research during those two years culminated in this document. Hope you find it interesting!


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Back In The Groove

I’m BACK! Back in the groove of geeking out over marketing and advertising. I was really inspired this morning in my ad design class where we shared some of our favorite ads. Here are some really cool, strategic examples of how creativity can go a long way:

Direct Mail


Customer Appreciation 


First Day of School

Do you remember all of your first days of school? Maybe just a few?

back to school

Well today was a first day of school for me, and it made me remember all the other first days of school I had. Today was my first day of a new semester (2nd to last) of my Master’s program. I’m no longer a nervous teenager waiting for the bus, I’m an adult woman with a plan and a purpose. I make my own breakfast, and plan my own schedule and make my own way.

But I couldn’t help but remember how I felt on other first days of school, when I wasn’t so large and in charge.

Days like my first day of Kindergarten where I distinctly remember being petrified I would never make any friends. Ever. In my lifetime. Teensy bit dramatic, eh?

Or days like my first day of freshman year of high school, where I couldn’t breathe I was so excited to finally be there. And then I promptly tripped in the hall, and my dream of high school stardom was instantly smashed.

Or my first day of senior year of high school, when I chugged a half a bottle of Mylanta because my nerves were so frayed, and I had no idea how I was going to make it through that year.

Then there was my first day of college, already at LSU for a while because of sorority rush, I met one of my very best friends in Biology class, where also the instant my professor said “be sure your cell phones are turned off or I will kick you out of class,” my cell phone rang and I pretty much burst into spontaneous and terrified tears.

And then today. Today wasn’t anything special. I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared. My cell phone was correctly on silent. I ate a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and strawberries. I was ready to take on the day, the semester, the year and make it count. I finally felt as though I had passed through the halls of undergrad envy, and I am happy/proud/determined about being a master’s candidate, and nearly through with this experience. I even muttered like an old woman walking across the crosswalk for these youngsters to hurry it up.

There won’t be many first days of school left for me, but I’m glad for the experiences I’ve had, and the happy/scared/good/bad stories are ready and waiting for my kids when they take on their first days of school and the big world ahead of them.

Happy Back to School everyone!