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Thou Shall Not Covet

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

How many times have we looked at something, and said “wow, if I only had THAT” then our lives would be better, easier, lighter, happier, etc.

This phenomenon, which God knew would be an issue way before we did, has become much more prominent in the digital age. It is much easier to show your life and your lifestyle in new ways, making others around you question their own choices.

(image via bitchmagazine.org)

This article, (The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Lifestyle Blogs) discusses this very thing. Some blogs are fun to look at, just take the explosion of Pinterest. But often times, I find myself comparing, contrasting and even coveting what others have versus what I have not.

It’s really not worth it. Take what you have, and let it be. I’m guilty, I’m sure others are guilty too. That’s why it’s nice sometimes, to turn off, look around and give thanks for the good in our life. It’s there, whether we blog about it or not.

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The Start of Something New

I’m a modern Ophelia. A small town girl caught in a bigger-than-life world. I’m a graduate student, but an aspiring professional. My goal in life is to make my Most Likely To Succeed title in high school a reality, and then write a book about it. I’m a wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Mother to Sadie i.e., human dog. Chocolate-milk lover. And according to Myers-Briggs, a caregiver. In short, it’s complicated.

I’ve shared thoughts and musings on previous blogs, found here.

But this is a new chapter. A time to breathe more life into my writing. Not just when I’m introspective or blue, but now more to write about my life, which before I considered dull. But then I started looking at the blogs I follow most. And there was a common theme. Normal, everyday women, who took time to talk about their everyday life and the beauty, hope, adventure, excitement they pulled from it. I think I can do the same.

Cast of Characters:


Hubby-extraordinaire Jason

Sybil Sadie the dog

And there are so many other people in my life I want to tell you about it, but that will come with time. I hope to share and to connect with this space, make it more than just a public diary. I hope you’ll join me along the way. I’m not promising a rose garden, but maybe a few blooms along the way to remember.