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I took a mental picture today. A mental picture of about 8 minutes during an otherwise uneventful, errand-filled hot September day. Those 8 minutes allowed my Audrey Faye to experience joy, and in turn, reinvigorate my heart and fill it with joy. The simple pleasures of a swing, a slide, some sand and a little neighborhood park can serve as a quick, easy lesson to breathe, get out in the sunshine and just enJOY.audrey swinging audrey sliding


The Biggest First

Yesterday came and went like every other normal day for most. But it was so much bigger than that at our little house on the corner. It was Audrey’s first birthday! My little one is now 1 and as much of a toddler as ever. I worried that the day would bring bittersweet, sappy memories, but instead it brought fun, laughter and a lot of sugar. The long days of this short year have added up to so many memories, things I had already forgotten, and remembered again while perusing old photos.

Like how could I forget how her belly button used to make a cinnamon roll swirl? Or how sleep deprived we were in the first few months of her life? Or how there was ever a time she wasn’t always on the go? When I’m in the moment and I see something special, I think “how could I ever forget how wonderful this moment right here is?” But I do forget, and sadly I will keep forgetting. As much as I try to remember how much I love how she holds her hand at your mouth to keep the food in while she’s chewing, how she shakes her head no at everything, even the things she wants, or how she loves to lay her head on my shoulder right after a nap, these small things will fade away.

But how you made me a Mama, how you thrill your Daddy and how much we love you will never be forgotten. And I’m so glad we got to celebrate your first year with our best family and friends. What a party! Rainbows and hot air balloons, cake and football, rain and laughter, it all created the best birthday party I could imagine. Happy birthday my sweet Audrey Faye!

smash cake candle opening presents decorations cake family birthday


Baby’s First Beach

We hit another milestone earlier this month when we took Audrey to the beach for the first time. What a trip! Not only did she love the sand, the water and the sun, she also loved not sleeping, practicing her diva moves and biggest of all … walking! We have a little brave one on our hands. She absolutely loved it. Rolled around in the sand, played in it, played in the waves, swam in the water, she did it all. And she took those first few precious steps (naturally in front of an audience) and when we came home I looked at her and saw a little girl, instead of my baby. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it 🙂









Life Lately

We are in full baby mode! I’ve got about six more weeks until the due date, so naturally, we are consumed with all things baby.

baby showerBut that doesn’t mean I haven’t found time for other interesting things in my life, they are just receiving less and less brain power 🙂

What I’m Clicking On Lately

The uber-love going out to Kate Middleton and Prince George.
Some fabulous advice about motherhood.
ideos that make we want to continue my graduate school research.
A brilliant advertising campaign
Only the greatest music-related thing that COULD EVER HAPPEN TO ME.

What I’m Loving Lately

1. Water (hooray! something healthy!)
2. Pedicures
3. Perks of Being A Wallflower – finished the book and loved it as much as the movie
4. Real Housewives of New Jersey
5. Book club tomorrow!

What I’m Listening To Lately

“Sing You Back To Me” – Trisha Yearwood
“She Is” – NeYo + Tim McGraw
Mozart Pandora Station (specifically for Audrey!)

What I’m Cooking Lately

Meatball Subs

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Life Lately

What I’m Clicking On Lately

My obsession with Gilmore Girls continues.
Beautiful advertising campaign from Pedigree.
The “make me cry” moment of the week: “Boy Hears for the First Time”
Geaux Louisiana!
Geaux El Salvador! (my adopted familia!)

What I’m Loving Lately

1. Grande 1/2 Caf Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Lattes (via Starbucks)
2. Chocolate chip cookies
3. Jason’s pregnancy pep talks (WE CAN DO THIS!)
4. Beach time with family
5. Bingo (see confessional post about this problem)

What I’m Listening To Lately

1. Ed Sheeran Pandora Station
2. Fleetwood Mac “Songbird”
3. County Crows Pandora Station
4. The rain (summer afternoon showers on a metal office roof)
5. Zedd “Clarity”

What I’m Cooking Lately

1. Pulled Pork Sandwiches
2. Watermelon Salad (recipe to come!)
3. Chicken Parmesan

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Weekend In Review



It’s baby time! So many close friends and family are having babies, making babies and raising babies that we can hardly keep up! But it sure does make for some fun snuggling time with all the new additions.





chick fil aA week is not complete with it…

greek fest





New Orleans Greek Fest was this weekend, and my super cool husband drove me down just to get a gyro … and baklava … and french fries, even though we have about four Greek restaurants within a 2 mile radius of our house. It’s just not the same and always brings back fun memories of my time in Greece. WORTH IT.


What I’m Loving Lately:

1. Canned pears topped with shaved almonds
2. Back support pillows (I’m THAT pregnant girl now)
3. Catching up on months worth of Modern Family and Happy Endings via DVR
4. Only a month until the BEACH!
5. Strawberry shortcake with an embarrassing amount of Cool Whip
6. Audrey’s kicks and punches
7. Getting up early and feeling productive
8. My new sewing project list (blankets, onesies, headbands, oh my!)
9. My new Kindle Paperwhite
10. Coffee (half-caf people! well, most of the time…)

What I’m Cooking Lately:

1. Shepherd’s Pie
2. Chicken Pesto Pizza
3. Shrimp Bread
4. Sloppy Joe’s (ground beef + tomato paste + packet of Sloppy Joe mix)
5. Gazpacho

What I’m Listening To Lately:

1. Imagine Dragons
2. Sugarland Pandora Channel
3. Pink + Nate Reuss “Just Give Me A Reason”