The Biggest First

Yesterday came and went like every other normal day for most. But it was so much bigger than that at our little house on the corner. It was Audrey’s first birthday! My little one is now 1 and as much of a toddler as ever. I worried that the day would bring bittersweet, sappy memories, but instead it brought fun, laughter and a lot of sugar. The long days of this short year have added up to so many memories, things I had already forgotten, and remembered again while perusing old photos.

Like how could I forget how her belly button used to make a cinnamon roll swirl? Or how sleep deprived we were in the first few months of her life? Or how there was ever a time she wasn’t always on the go? When I’m in the moment and I see something special, I think “how could I ever forget how wonderful this moment right here is?” But I do forget, and sadly I will keep forgetting. As much as I try to remember how much I love how she holds her hand at your mouth to keep the food in while she’s chewing, how she shakes her head no at everything, even the things she wants, or how she loves to lay her head on my shoulder right after a nap, these small things will fade away.

But how you made me a Mama, how you thrill your Daddy and how much we love you will never be forgotten. And I’m so glad we got to celebrate your first year with our best family and friends. What a party! Rainbows and hot air balloons, cake and football, rain and laughter, it all created the best birthday party I could imagine. Happy birthday my sweet Audrey Faye!

smash cake candle opening presents decorations cake family birthday

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What I Did This Summer

If you couldn’t tell already from all the Facebook posts exclaiming “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY AUGUST, AHHH!!” Summer is drawing to a close, and my daily life is changing again. So, in true “back to school” fashion, here is my “What I Did This Summer” essay…in blog form.

It’s a timely post, being that it will probably be the last summer of its kind, on break from school, part-time work and more time on my hands that I know what to do with. I tried to make it as productive as possible, so let’s review, shall we?

What I Did:

Spent time with some of the best people I know.






Hung out with my two favorite guys.



Did a few cool things along the way…

macy gray


And even though I didn’t get through full stack of books to read this summer, I read…ALOT. And that was great.

summer reading

What I Learned:

1. I’m worth every penny (and probably more) someone will pay me to work in marketing, pr, advertising, etc. (ahem…so hire me in a year!)

2. I’m a great cab/taxi driver. I can take someone to the airport like a pro.

3. Even five, small homegrown tomatoes are better than 50 store bought tomatoes.


4. I’m better at being busy.

5. Memories are like my drug. I can’t break my nostalgic tendencies…so I make arts and crafts out of them!

t-shirt quilt

I’m looking forward to a new Fall, a new semester, a start of a new year. But I sure have enjoyed this quiet, soothing Summer.

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A Magical Weekend

Oh Disney World, how I love you so. How magical you made my Mardi Gras weekend. And how sore you made my poor footsies. But, how special you made my vacation…

Me and Jason, along with four of our best friends headed to the most magical place on earth this past weekend to avoid, escape, run screaming from, experience something other than Mardi Gras festivities. Here in South Louisiana, Mardi Gras is king, and it consumes an entire few weeks in February, culminating in Mardi Gras Day / Fat Tuesday. We’ve all lived through Mardi Gras our whole lives, so it was a nice chance to do something different and new. AND to go on vacation 🙂

And boy did we go.

We stayed at the Pop Century resort.

We waited in lines for buses.

We tried to conquer Epcot. But mostly picked the rides where
we could sit down the longest.

We had breakfast with a few celebrities 🙂

Waited in more lines, but at least it was out of the rain.

We made wishes under Cinderella’s castle during the fireworks.

We stayed in Magic Kingdom until 2:30 a.m. Just because we could.

Made our way to Universal for some non-Disney fun!

Maybe a little too much fun…

But we capped off our trip with Harry Potter World aka AWESOME-VILLE.

Had some delicious butter beer aka cream soda aka AWESOME-VILLE.

And stopped taking pictures after this moment because we all officially hit our breaking point after three 18-hour days and all started to look like zombies and refused to take any more pictures, lest we smile one more time and explode from the magic.

All in all, it was an AMAZING trip. Good times. We laughed, ALOT. And got to be kids again. I only hope we can make more trips like this with this group and all our friends so that we always remember to have fun, be young and enjoy life.

P.S. We also agreed that the next vacation would involve a beach or a cabin with no lines or crazy Disney employees that yell at you when you stop of the “designated pedestrian sidewalk.” Sounds lovely and peaceful, right?

Have a magical day!!

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The Last Few Weeks

We’ve just been living, going, being, celebrating, dancing, having a good time. Tis the season for celebration in the Roussell home!