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Vacation Nombre Deux!

Well, we are back from our second vacation of the Summer and it was so great! It’s always fun to travel to see my sister and brother-in-law. It’s hard to explain to anyone else what having a sister is like, unless you have one yourself. For me, it’s like having another person just like me to actually talk to, reminisce with, cry with, laugh with, etc. We are so much alike it’s scary, yet very comforting. I miss her because she is away, and I don’t like leaving her, but trips like these are good shots in the arm to keep us going till the next time!

This trip was all about birthdays, relaxing, museums, walking trails, sorority memories, healthy cooking lessons, Farkle, Skip-Bo, Monopoly and UNO Attack. And I loved every second of it.

me and jason

liza gift

daddy gift

mama gift




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Vacation Numero Uno!

This past Memorial Day weekend, Jason and I flew to South Florida for a family wedding and got to enjoy the beach, the sun and the family that I married into. A pretty great combination 🙂 See for yourself!

And what would an El Salvadoran wedding be without MARIACHIS?

Next stop: Washington DC!

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother! She holds this family together and reminds us everyday the power of true love. She worries, cares, listens, anticipates, understands, sympathizes, and is always there when we need to “vent.”

She’s taught me how to be a good wife, a supportive sister and a true Southern lady. I know how to throw a wedding shower, bake a covered dish, write a thank you note and the importance of remembering birthdays. She taught me the love of Christ and how He gives us the greatest example of love.

I know she misses her own mother this year, and was inspired by my grandmother’s style and grace. But I know I draw that same inspiration from my own mother (with a little feisty-ness thrown in!). Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who knows me best!

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Happy December!

Happy December! One of the best months of the year has arrived and brings good things. Some of my favorite things happen in December:

– gift giving
– cold weather
– SEC championship game (Geaux Tigers!)
– Christmas (duh)
– and family time

All things that make you warm and fuzzy inside. So here are my warm and fuzzies for this specific December.

1. Sister/Brother-in-law time! Liza and her hubby Johnathan come home to the motherland in a few weeks and I’m pumped!

2. School break! (*insert best Pink Floyd accent here) School’s out for summer winter! This means a break, albeit short, from grad school. My first semester will be over and I will have successfully not died. That’s an accomplishment.

3. A kajillion Christmas celebrations — the best thing about being married is you get another family, and when my in-laws are just as kick-butt awesome as my original family is, it’s an extra bonus! Jason and I get to celebrate not once (with friends and Dirty Santa), not twice (with my family the weekend before Christmas), not three times (with the Roussells), but four times because…..

4. The fourth celebration is New Years Eve in Gatlinburg! Wahoo! A trip to the family cabin in Tennessee is on tap for New Years Eve and it’s going to be a blast. Cold, mountain weather, possibly snow, and fires at night will be just the thing we need to come down off the post holiday bonanza. And the best part? We are flying this time. No 14 hour drive for me. WAHOO!

5. Presents! Due to our reduced budget, Jason and I are doing a lot of DIY Christmas gifts. Won’t spill the beans here, but it’s allowing me to flex my crafting muscle. Hopefully once the gifts have been delivered I can share with all of you! Pinterest has been a religion this holiday season…

6. Cozy living rooms with Sadie, the human dog. That would be four pillows she is laying on top of. I know, right?

And of course, the reason for the entire season. Celebrating the birth of Jesus, and his precious gift to us. I hope you take time to wrap yourself in this season and remember from whom all these warm and fuzzy blessings flow.

Feliz Navidad!

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The Last Few Weeks

We’ve just been living, going, being, celebrating, dancing, having a good time. Tis the season for celebration in the Roussell home!