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Being a Grown Up

Sometimes, it’s hard being an adult.

But what I’m finding even harder, is transitioning all parts of my life into adulthood. I’ve got the whole job thing, responsibility thing, taking care of another human thing down (well, pretty much), but what I don’t have is the ability to transition the seemingly mundane categories of my life into full-fledged adulthood.

Getting up early is an example. I know that getting up earlier can have lasting impacts on your brain function and efficiency. I know that I need quiet time with God to pray, reflect and enjoy moments of peace before the rush of the day. But, I still cling to that alarm clock like it’s going out of style, rolling myself out of bed dangerously close to the “you’re going to be SO late” precipice and dancing dangerously with what’s appropriate hair styles going on day 3 of no shower.

Another example, my makeup bag is woefully comprised of the same products I used in high school. The same grocery store and Clinique counter products that I love are still in rotation. Now, nothing is wrong with those items, I will continue to buy them, but I REALLY need to update and upgrade my beauty and makeup routine. Less Lip Smacker, more Sephora. I’ve started watching some makeup tutorials on YouTube, like this , and I’m starting to get more into it.

Also, one of the hardest transitions into adulthood/mamahood is carving out time for yourself. You go from a self-focused world before marriage, before kids where it only matters what you do. But now I’m responsible for other humans and it is sometimes exhausting. Self care, taking me time, whatever you want to call it, it’s important. So I’m looking to set aside time each week to do something I like to do: read, take an online sewing class, take a bath, etc.

Whatever it may be that helps this whole transition into an adult easier, I’ll take it, try and let you know how it goes!

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Thou Shall Not Covet

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

How many times have we looked at something, and said “wow, if I only had THAT” then our lives would be better, easier, lighter, happier, etc.

This phenomenon, which God knew would be an issue way before we did, has become much more prominent in the digital age. It is much easier to show your life and your lifestyle in new ways, making others around you question their own choices.

(image via bitchmagazine.org)

This article, (The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Lifestyle Blogs) discusses this very thing. Some blogs are fun to look at, just take the explosion of Pinterest. But often times, I find myself comparing, contrasting and even coveting what others have versus what I have not.

It’s really not worth it. Take what you have, and let it be. I’m guilty, I’m sure others are guilty too. That’s why it’s nice sometimes, to turn off, look around and give thanks for the good in our life. It’s there, whether we blog about it or not.