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…she said goodbye to her old faithful this week. This car has been with me since I could legally be a driver and it served me well. Farewell old friend 🙂car


…he…sometimes, I’m not really sure what he’s doing…


jason panther


…she has started dancing every now and then and I caught a few fun seconds. It’s no dancing Beyonce baby, but it’s a start!



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A Summer Letter

Dear Little One,

audrey summer

You are 10 months old (almost)! I can barely type those words without getting a lump in my throat thinking how big, and lovely and bright you are. You are growing every day, and I often look at you and wonder where my teeny tiny baby went. All I see now is an almost toddler, but how fun of an almost-toddler you are becoming. This photo perfectly captures so much about you right now. 

You are changing: you hold your own bottle now, use a sippy cup, eat finger food, pull up on furniture, crawl like a maniac, walk along furniture and make yourself known with your constant ma-mas and da-das. You even play games! You are loving peek-a-boo right now. Just this morning, as I was rushing to get you dressed, you decided to pull your outfit over your face, wait a second and then pull it off waiting for my “where’s Audrey!?” exclamation before you erupted in laughter and started all over again.

I know now how parenthood will be, the constant, slow drip of you needing less of me, and becoming more of you. So independent and so full of personality, you amaze us every day with a new look, a new sound, a new something.

You sweat, a lot. Girl, you are so hot natured! You sweat when we rock you at night, you work hard and play hard and you go until your little body can’t go anymore. You fight so hard against sleep and every night as I rock you with your bottle, you strain against the inevitable, pulling, tugging, stretching against the sleep that overtakes you until you finally give in. I think you wait for me to give you the OK that it’s fine to rest, it’s OK to sleep and we will be there when you wake. 

Your hair is getting so long and still so blonde. You love Sadie and wished she didn’t run away from you when you try to pet her. You love remote controls. You would be happy to sit with a remote in each hand, passing them back and forth to your mouth for hours. You are fearless! You would launch yourself off the couch if not for our steady, sure hand there to catch you. You are sleeping so well and even starting to sleep late (we think you will be just like your Daddy and love sleep!). You are now, like I always envisioned having a baby would look like. Big, happy, full of baby rolls and squishy and interactive, I have a feeling we are hitting the sweet spot of infancy, but that it will slip too soon into toddler years. But I’ll hold on as long as I can!

I love you Little One. I’m 29 today, and have the best birthday gift ever. The joy of being your Mama. I can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday in just two short months, and all your birthdays after that. I hope we have the best Summer and I can’t wait to see what you do next.


Your Mama

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Book Reviews

I’ve actually been reading a lot lately. Which is surprising given my To-Do list and constant whining to Jason about “NOT HAVING ENOUGH TIME EVER IN THE UNIVERSE.” Somewhere in between all of that whining, I’ve found time to read or listen to audiobooks. I’ve really gotten on a kick lately of listening to audiobooks or podcasts on my morning commute. It seems calming, more academic than the 800th replay of a Katy Perry song on the radio, and I’m convinced is hardwiring Audrey’s brain to love reading as well.

Here’s a few thoughts on what I’ve read lately:

1. Book Thief

book thiefI started reading this book the first few weeks I was home after having Audrey. I’m not sure why I would subject myself to  reading a book narrated by death, where children die, as my first postpartum jaunt into literacy, but I did. It took me a while to get through, but once I got going, I couldn’t stop. It was a beautiful book. Sad, but in a good way. However, I could not make it through the movie. Too sad, too imagery-laden with sickness and death. Maybe one day when I’m not crazy, I will go rewatch it. But I really recommend this one.

2. Notes From A Blue Bike

notes from a blue bike

This one I listened to audiobook, and liked/hated it. It’s about one family’s quest to live intentionally and as you want to live, rather than conforming to the American dream, if that doesn’t fit for you. But, here’s my beef with any book like this. I always feel like they come off as condescending if you DO live in the status quo. I’m all for living intentionally, creating opportunities and living healthy, focused-driven lives, but for those of us who don’t live in foreign countries, or near organic farmers markets, or work from home and have the time to homeschool, or do all those things these books tell us to do, we’re cast off as living a dull existence. The book had some redeeming qualities in that it was a good reminder that YOU make the choices for your family, and YOU decide how you want your kids to be raised, but I was left feeling a bit unsatisfied with it.

3. Bringing Up Bebe

bringing up bebe

This was another audio book, and aside from the grating French the author would espouse every now and then, I really liked this one. Mostly because it was a “wake up a smell the roses” kind of writing, where the author examined French parenting vs. American parenting and how cuckoo American mothers have become about raising the perfect child. A lot of her suggestions may not be practical here, like the no snacks, free healthcare (available in France) and free daycare (also available in France), but it had some good suggestions and pointers about raising children who learn to be patient, eat only when they are hungry and not buying into all the craziness we as mothers are often surrounded with.

4. Where’d You Go Bernadette


I LOVED this book! It’s about one mother’s attempt to make sense of her world while living with a bit of a crazy personality. It’s sometimes written through the point of view of e-mails between the characters and it shares the story of her daughter and husband and their experience with planning a trip to Antarctica. It was fascinating to learn about Antarctica, but the writing was easy and breezy and just a really fun read. When it ended, I found myself flipping to the next few pages, sad the book was over and wanting just one more chapter!

I need some more Summer reading recommendations! Up next is my book club book Wifey by Judy Blume, my next Phillippa Gregory book and I’ve been recommended to read anything by Elin Hilderbrand. Any other suggestions??

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Update on LIFE Lately

Life gets in the way sometimes, you know? Work gets busy. Babies get bigger. I get lazy. Whatever the excuse may be, sometimes things just slip through. So in an effort to catch you all back up, here is the mamma jamma of all “Life Lately” posts. Enjoy!

Feeling … grateful and happy to have celebrated my first Mother’s Day and Audrey’s baby dedication. More thoughts and musings on Mother’s Day hopefully to come but for now, just gratitude that I’m a Mama and I have the best baby on the planet.

Reading … “Where’d You Go Bernadette,”Notes From A Blue Bike,” “Bringing Up BeBe,” “All Joy And No Fun,” “Bread and Wine,” “The Queen’s Inheritance;” and this collection of blog posts.

Listening … “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist on Spotfiy.

Celebrating … my sister in law’s Julie graduation with her master’s degree tomorrow!

Getting … up later and later every morning pushing my arrival at work dangerously close to the “too late” mark.

Drinking … alcohol! Just kidding … but am enjoying the occasional glass of wine or beer now that I’m not breastfeeding anymore. Also, more than my fair share of vanilla lattes are back on the menu.

Seeing … my plants grow! My little tomato, eggplant, cucumber, peppers, and herbs are doing pretty well so far.

Loving … family time.

Not loving … the stomach bug that WILL NOT GO AWAY.

Wondering …  what to do with my first fundraising thing for Audrey’s school. It has pushed me into a theological thought process about my affinity for giving the children playground equipment vs. my utmost hatred for fundraising. HELP ME.