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Voices of Women Voters Chapter 4

Check out the final, quick video for my video project about women’s voices in this election. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with me as different women from different backgrounds talk about what they think is the most important issue for them. I learned a lot about how different we all are, but how similar our concerns are with how the media portray women.

I hope you will have YOUR unique voice heard this election, or anytime for that matter. A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful women who participated.


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Voices of Women Voters – Chapter 3

The economy seems to be on everyone’s minds as the election draws near. What are women saying about the election? And what are they thinking about how the media portrays women?

women votersTake a look at the latest installment of Voices of Women Voters and share your thoughts on what’s important to you.

Voices of Women Voters – Chapter 3

Additionally, I found a great article about how women are erroneously being courted as one voting bloc, and how detrimental that can be for the election. An interesting read, for sure.

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Voices of Women Voters – Chapter 1

Do you ever feel like your voice isn’t being heard? Do you feel the media paints limited pictures of women, and you don’t fit in any of those categories? What are you most interested in about the upcoming presidential election?

women voters

These questions–and more–are what I’m hoping to investigate with my new project, Voices of Women Voters. You may have noticed the new page on the blog, and will be an ongoing project as I look at how women are thinking about politics and representation of women.

Head on over to the Voices of Women Voters page and see the first chapter of this project. I’d love your thoughts, comments or feedback!