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Writing Update!

So, this is it. The mama-jamma, monster, reason for being, super-gargantuan piece of writing that gave me a Master’s degree. MY THESIS.

An Analysis of Femininity: How Popular Female Characters In the Media Portray Contemporary Womanhood.

That’s a super fancy way of saying “how do girls on TV influence girls in the real world.”

This was truly a labor of love, and a rather fun project to work on. As you’ve noticed, my research field while in graduate school was primarily young women and how the media affects our cohort. All of my research during those two years culminated in this document. Hope you find it interesting!

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Cozy Spot

I may be eyeball deep in finals mode right now, but I can’t complain about my surroundings. Christmas candle. Mary Poppins coffee mug. Counting Crows on iTunes. Not too shabby for this chick.

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And we can’t forget my study buddy, desperate for attention:


See you on the flipside!