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Latest Digs – Cover Band Style


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The Tube

It’s nearly Fall. Seasons are changing (if you don’t live in Louisiana) and new beginnings are all around us.

What’s the best part of it all?

tv[photo here]

The new TV seasons! Hurrah!

Now, I know that TV is the devil and we all shouldn’t watch lest our brains ooze out of ears and we all become atheists. But, I can’t help the shiny new package of a new TV season, and the anticipation of seeing that *NEW* symbol on my beloved TV guide channel. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling, FOR SURE.

So, here’s a rundown of what I’m looking forward to this year. Feel free to hate me or think I should not have been admitted to a master’s degree program because of my awful tastes in television. BUT, let’s all take a look at what I’ll be procrastinating with this year:

1. The Big Bang Theory – I just got into this show probably when everyone else did en masse because it started playing on TBS. But I’m excited about the new season and really watching/catching on to the character development. Come on, who doesn’t want to see Amy Farrah Fowler & Sheldon really become girlfriend/boyfriend??
big bang theory

2. Modern Family – one of the few shows Jason and I watch together (that I don’t force him to watch), and just as lots of others, we laugh so hard sometimes, it hurts. Love it.

modern family3. How I Met Your Mother – When are we going to meet the mother already!!?

how i met your mother

4. Glee – even though it has slightly jumped the shark, I still love the music and it helps me vicariously fulfill my dreams of Broadway.


5. New Girl – I’m still new to New Girl, but it’s another one Jason and I watch together and it’s really growing on me. So I’m giving it another year.

new girl

6. Up All Night – I love Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph and this show is another laugh out loud funny show. It’s quirky, yet relatable. It was a sleeper/surprise hit for me.

up all night

7. American Idol – I’m going to give it a try with the new judges. I have loved this show from the beginning, but it’s starting to wear on me. But please TV spirits, don’t let Nikki Minaj be a judge, I might have to jump ship to other 17,000 singing talent competitions.

american idol

8. Bunheads – This is a new show from the creator of Gilmore Girls, so I HAD to try it, and I’ve really liked it! I’m not sure what the future of it is, but the Summer season was definitely enough to hook me.


And then, of course, there’s my regular rotation of:

Real Housewives of You Name It, I’ll Watch It
MTV’s The Challenge (Real World v. Road Rules)
Dance Moms (shame)
Teen Mom (double shame)
Married to Jonas
19 Kids & Counting
The Little Couple

Whew…my DVD better be in good shape this year!

Do you have any favorite TV shows you’re excited about coming back? What about any new shows I should try out?