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A Perfect Fall Day

Last weekend we did what every warm-blooded American family does in October (even though it still feels like July here): we went to a pumpkin patch! Well, it was a miniature corn maze, with a pile of pumpkins in one corner, but to us, and mainly to Audrey, it was heaven.

It was a really nice day weather-wise, and a good little outing to get some fresh air and be in the sunshine. It also gave me a chance to start my reign as the mom who puts fashion over comfort in my children. Her boots were CUTE, so it didn’t matter she couldn’t really walk in them, she was wearing them until we got a picture, dangit!

audrey pumpkins

audrey smiling in maze

family in maze

audrey in maze

fall family photo

mr joe audrey

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I took a mental picture today. A mental picture of about 8 minutes during an otherwise uneventful, errand-filled hot September day. Those 8 minutes allowed my Audrey Faye to experience joy, and in turn, reinvigorate my heart and fill it with joy. The simple pleasures of a swing, a slide, some sand and a little neighborhood park can serve as a quick, easy lesson to breathe, get out in the sunshine and just enJOY.audrey swinging audrey sliding

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You Think I’m Joking

I joke on here a lot about Sadie, our wonderful pup, who really doesn’t do much but scavenge for food and burp. And sometimes I think people don’t believe all of her antics, so luckily I’ve caught a few of the most popular ones on tape recently.

I call this one: “If only this pillow were a mountain of bacon.”


And this one: Belly Rubs Are Magical


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad I know! To a man who taught me how to love life and to laugh a lot. Some say I look most like him, and my name comes from him as well. My father was the first man in my life, and the measuring stick against who I rated all men thereafter. I know he learned how to be a great man from his own father, and I only hope I can hand on those lessons and loves to my children.

He taught me (as best as he could keep my pre-teen girl attention) how to play basketball, hit a baseball, politely decline gross foods and love God more than anything. He took our family on so many adventures to beautiful places and taught me and my sister, that you can go anywhere, even if you come from a small town. He worked hard, so we could have what we wanted, but taught us the value of everything we had.

I am so lucky to have him as my Daddy and wish him the happiest Father’s Day yet!

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Vacation Nombre Deux!

Well, we are back from our second vacation of the Summer and it was so great! It’s always fun to travel to see my sister and brother-in-law. It’s hard to explain to anyone else what having a sister is like, unless you have one yourself. For me, it’s like having another person just like me to actually talk to, reminisce with, cry with, laugh with, etc. We are so much alike it’s scary, yet very comforting. I miss her because she is away, and I don’t like leaving her, but trips like these are good shots in the arm to keep us going till the next time!

This trip was all about birthdays, relaxing, museums, walking trails, sorority memories, healthy cooking lessons, Farkle, Skip-Bo, Monopoly and UNO Attack. And I loved every second of it.

me and jason

liza gift

daddy gift

mama gift




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Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother! She holds this family together and reminds us everyday the power of true love. She worries, cares, listens, anticipates, understands, sympathizes, and is always there when we need to “vent.”

She’s taught me how to be a good wife, a supportive sister and a true Southern lady. I know how to throw a wedding shower, bake a covered dish, write a thank you note and the importance of remembering birthdays. She taught me the love of Christ and how He gives us the greatest example of love.

I know she misses her own mother this year, and was inspired by my grandmother’s style and grace. But I know I draw that same inspiration from my own mother (with a little feisty-ness thrown in!). Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who knows me best!