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I know, I know. I said I wasn’t coming back here until after Wednesday, but what would Finals week be without a little Pincrastination via Pinterest? I totally just made up that word…but it’s sooo true.


Anyhoos, hopefully within the next year Jason and I will be buying our first house, so I’ve started the manic obsession pastime of looking for color combos, decorations or inspirations for our imaginary house.

My room at my parents house is a deep blue, and I’ve always loved blue. Most recently, I’ve bought only two colors in shirts: blue and orange/coral. Same with dresses, the last three dresses I’ve bought have been some color combination of those two. I LOVE the contrast between teal and orange, and definitely want some room to be decorated like that.

So here’s a few Pins that I’m loving from my Blue Inspiration board:

blue flower

cool blues

blue dresser

blue and orange

blue donut

blue mirror