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…she still lays on me like this when she’s really tired. Otherwise, it’s all energy. She is rolling over like a champ and sleeping on her own in the crib even better. She smiles so much and has started “squealing” with delight. I love her so and every day I can’t wait to wake up to see her smile.

jason run

…he just completed a half marathon! He ran it under 2 hours and continues to be my super hero. He works so hard, is loving this new running thing and is already wrapped around that baby’s finger 🙂

new…she is excited about Christmas! Hasn’t bought one gift, but believes it will happen eventually. She also hasn’t been to the grocery store since she went back to work and has cooked once in that same time frame. But that’s ok, peanut butter and jelly is a delicacy around these parts!


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What I’m Reading Lately … Blog Edition

So, I haven’t had a ton of time for reading books lately, but I have been reading a lot of blogs. And sometimes I wonder if I’m a little blog bi-polar because as I’m looking at the different posts, they are all fairly different from each other. For example, I read Time-Warp Wife all about recapturing a woman’s service at home, and PRBreakfastClub, a public-relations/marketing blog for young professionals. And if you’ve read any of my writing, you know that I love to research feminism and women in the media. I’m not sure where I fall on this spectrum now, but I sure do like to read about it all 🙂

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs lately because if there’s anything I love reading more than blogs, it’s posts about what blogs those bloggers read!

Daddy Newbie – this Tumblr is laugh out loud funny for any parent.

The Better Mom – a new one I just added and am liking so far.

Back To Her Roots – this is a health/food blog turned living on a farm and sustainable living blog. She has great recipes and I love reading about their farm adventures.

Gussy Sews – this is a handmade shop/website but the owner is a wonderful writer and Christian mom who shares about sewing, babies and life.

CoffeeCakeAndCardio – this is another new one and a great blog about eating healthy and losing weight.

Fannetastic Food – this is a running blog, but she also has great recipes and workouts.

Skinnytaste – a GREAT recipe blog!

Baby Rabies – a hilarious mom blog

Neon Fresh – a great blog by a copywriter and stay at home mom. Her Friday posts are always the best.

The Home of Peter Shankman – this guy is a brilliant businessman and owner of several companies. I love his insight on entrepreneurship and customer service.

Biblical Homemaking – a great blog about being a Biblical and Godly wife.

Rachel Held Evans – the author of “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” Rachel is a very interesting Christian writer who isn’t afraid of any topic.

There are a ton more blogs on my Feedly roll, but these I always look forward to. I love the different perspectives they share! Do you have any good blogs to share?

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Life Lately

As you can tell, my blogging is slacking lately because of everything going on. And once the little one arrives, I’ll be taking a full hiatus for a while, but I wanted to share some more fun links I’ve found lately!

Brings me back to my own dear father taking me to an NSYNC concert.

Future job protection!

An awesome and {scary!} experiment

Maps they didn’t teach you in high school

If I could do it all over again


Life Lately

We are in full baby mode! I’ve got about six more weeks until the due date, so naturally, we are consumed with all things baby.

baby showerBut that doesn’t mean I haven’t found time for other interesting things in my life, they are just receiving less and less brain power 🙂

What I’m Clicking On Lately

The uber-love going out to Kate Middleton and Prince George.
Some fabulous advice about motherhood.
ideos that make we want to continue my graduate school research.
A brilliant advertising campaign
Only the greatest music-related thing that COULD EVER HAPPEN TO ME.

What I’m Loving Lately

1. Water (hooray! something healthy!)
2. Pedicures
3. Perks of Being A Wallflower – finished the book and loved it as much as the movie
4. Real Housewives of New Jersey
5. Book club tomorrow!

What I’m Listening To Lately

“Sing You Back To Me” – Trisha Yearwood
“She Is” – NeYo + Tim McGraw
Mozart Pandora Station (specifically for Audrey!)

What I’m Cooking Lately

Meatball Subs


September Sort It

I saw this great blog over at A Collection of Thoughts where she listed out all the things she wanted to do in September, and it got it me thinking of how I REALLY needed to get on the To-Do list bandwagon and start being more productive.

So I started my own September To Do list. And, I think I got a little ambitious. Because these things are on top of my regular school, wife, football and reality-TV watching duties. Maybe too much? But…who can say that I won’t accomplish all these things?

But hey, it can only go up from the level of unproductivity I’ve inherited over the last week since Hurricane Isaac. Here’s to a productive September!

to do list