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Thoughts on an Airplane

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I’ve done something new. I bought Wi-Fi on an airplane. As we speak, I’m sitting on my flight to San Diego, on my way to a work conference. Knowing that I had three hours of alone time/sitting still time, I thought the $6.99 for unlimited WiFi would be worth it to catch up on all the blogs I want to read, clean out my e-mail and just surf. But what I’m noticing is that rather than being efficient, I’m more observant when I have the chance to type out and share my thoughts through stream of consciousness. Be warned, this will be random.

1. Running through the Houston airport is no joke. I’ve run through an airport before trying to catch our flight to our honeymoon, but this time, I was by myself with my bag and my suitcase and I was truckin’ it. Barely made it, found the last possible spot for my carry-on bag up top and hoisted that baby up there (with no help from the 80 jillion strapping young men seated around me thankyouverymuch) just in time to sit down, take a breath and take off.

2. Watching other people on the airplane Wi-Fi is pretty great. Currently, I’m spying shamelessly on a young girl to my left who before we took off opened her Instagram no less than 10 times to look at the same picture, which seems to be a photo of her and her boyfriend. Then, as soon as the pilot let us turn on laptops, she was on Facebook in an instant, chatting with probably the same long lost love, while strategically combing through her hair finding split ends and tagging her Delta Gamma sorority photos from the weekend. #stalker

3. ALWAYS PACK A SNACK. Because of the drama mentioned in #1, I have no dinner. I have Cheez-its and that’s it. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do, these poor people don’t know me when I’m hangry.

4. I’m also judging everyone’s outfit. I’ve seen socks with flip flops, a full length trench coat on a woman that made me wonder if she had anything on under it and several girls who wear tights as pants, WHICH. IS. NOT. A. THING. girls.

5. I’ve had an empty seat on both flights. Do I smell that bad?

6. I miss Audrey.

7. I miss Jason.

8. I’m hungry.

9. OK, now my stalker friend has her personal Facebook page open and I think she is admiring herself over and over again. while eating a Subway sandwich. Maybe she will give me a bite? I’ll tell her she’s pretty and that her hair is golden and flowing like the wind devoid of any split ends.

10. I’m missing the premiere of Walking Dead. Sad face.

11. Wi Fi on a plane is AWESOME. Welcome to my brain, folks.

Cheers to you all. I’ll be in California all week learning how to be a kick-ass marketing + communication professional, and maybe doing a little shopping 🙂

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…she does this now:


…he looks more handsome every day

…she wants more fun date nights like the Walking Dead escape! Being chased by zombies was a pretty good relationship builder.

walking dead escape


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Update on LIFE Lately

Life gets in the way sometimes, you know? Work gets busy. Babies get bigger. I get lazy. Whatever the excuse may be, sometimes things just slip through. So in an effort to catch you all back up, here is the mamma jamma of all “Life Lately” posts. Enjoy!

Feeling … grateful and happy to have celebrated my first Mother’s Day and Audrey’s baby dedication. More thoughts and musings on Mother’s Day hopefully to come but for now, just gratitude that I’m a Mama and I have the best baby on the planet.

Reading … “Where’d You Go Bernadette,”Notes From A Blue Bike,” “Bringing Up BeBe,” “All Joy And No Fun,” “Bread and Wine,” “The Queen’s Inheritance;” and this collection of blog posts.

Listening … “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist on Spotfiy.

Celebrating … my sister in law’s Julie graduation with her master’s degree tomorrow!

Getting … up later and later every morning pushing my arrival at work dangerously close to the “too late” mark.

Drinking … alcohol! Just kidding … but am enjoying the occasional glass of wine or beer now that I’m not breastfeeding anymore. Also, more than my fair share of vanilla lattes are back on the menu.

Seeing … my plants grow! My little tomato, eggplant, cucumber, peppers, and herbs are doing pretty well so far.

Loving … family time.

Not loving … the stomach bug that WILL NOT GO AWAY.

Wondering …  what to do with my first fundraising thing for Audrey’s school. It has pushed me into a theological thought process about my affinity for giving the children playground equipment vs. my utmost hatred for fundraising. HELP ME.


I want…

I want…

…to binge watch a really good show on Netflix all weekend.

…to not worry about calories.

…to finish reading The Book Thief.

…to start reading Divergent, Notes from a Blue Bike, Bread and Wine, Blue Like Jazz, and All Joy and No Fun.

…to go to a Mardi Gras parade. But only if I have a reserved space, parking spot, nearby bathroom, 80 degree day and a sleeping baby. So…

…to have hot water (all in one day our hot water went out AND we lost electricity for four hours last night).

…to have a date with my husband.

…to have a girls night.

…to take a nap.

…to go to Highland Coffees and read blogs all day like this one, this one, and this one.

…to eat as many chocolate chip cookies as I want.

…to take a vacation.

…to buy a new couch.

…to take a sewing class.

…to start exercising again.

…to read the stack of magazines on my coffee table.

…to go swimming.

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audrey in bumbo

… she is doing so much now! Sitting up in her bumbo, chewing on her Sophie, sleeping longer and longer at night, reaching for toys, etc. You name it and she wants to do it. Watch me play Bingo on my phone, watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with me, stand in front of the mirror for hours. She is so joyful too. When you smile at her, she smiles back big and then doubles over with an even bigger smile and joy in heart. We have a happy baby there…

…and she loves to stand in front of a mirror and squeal. That’s her thing. TOTALLY her thing. She could do this for hours.

jason in white

… he killed a rat in our attic. A RAT. We had noticed shall we say “droppings” while putting away Christmas decorations and then also noticed someone was making our pipe wrapping into their lunch, so out came the mouse traps. And I don’t know details (because I told him not to tell me because all I can think of is that rat had a mama and she’s probably sad now), but he came down with something in a garbage bag and a look of triumph on his face. That’s my man!

dmb at piano

…she dragged Jason to another concert, but this time it was different! Dave Matthews, acoustic, at The Seanger Theatre in New Orleans! I mean, how can you turn that down? It was a really perfect little midweek date night reliving some nostalgic moments, having sushi alone and a few extra moments to breathe.

…for your listening pleasure!