From an empty cup


I have this thing for coffee mugs. I love them. Well, I love coffee, so it only makes sense that I love the vessel it’s served in. But I’ve always been strangely comforted by coffee mugs and their tendency to offer you a warm hug on sleepy weekend mornings, a to-go option during your morning commute or a few marshmallow topped sips of hot chocolate.

I have a few of my favorites: the one pictured above, which I got umpteen years ago in a flower bouquet that is now famous, a Christmas mug handed down from my Mom (that I may have salvaged from the giveaway pile), and a rustic Smoky Mountain ceramic mug given to us for our wedding by Jason’s godmother. I rotate these in and out, often disappointed if the one I wanted is dirty, and glad to see it when it’s clean and ready to be used.

I was inspired yesterday by a blog post I read about filling up your cup, metaphorically.

It struck me that we as people can’t connect, support or love those around us if we ourselves aren’t filled with own energy and strength. Especially as a working mom, I often feel torn in a thousand directions, rarely sitting down for “self care” or endeavors that fill up my own cup. And then as we get weary, we get downtrodden and less hopeful, less faithful, less optimistic about our surroundings and future, which permeates through our family, thus creating a vicious cycle.

I’ve found myself in that cycle lately. A little bit blue. A little bit unsure of why things are the way they are, struggling with understanding, struggling with faith. Feeling like my cup was pretty empty. Having a pity party, basically. But for things that I’m holding pretty close to my heart.

And then I thought of this verse:

“Lord, You are my portion and my cup of blessing; You hold my future.” – Psalm 16:5

My cup may not feel full, but what’s refreshing is that I don’t have to feel full, I can trust that God will be full for me, and carry me through. I don’t know my future, but God does, and that should be enough for me.

So I will find time to rest in that, drink from my favorite coffee mug and have faith that He holds my future.