A Summer Letter

Dear Little One,

audrey summer

You are 10 months old (almost)! I can barely type those words without getting a lump in my throat thinking how big, and lovely and bright you are. You are growing every day, and I often look at you and wonder where my teeny tiny baby went. All I see now is an almost toddler, but how fun of an almost-toddler you are becoming. This photo perfectly captures so much about you right now. 

You are changing: you hold your own bottle now, use a sippy cup, eat finger food, pull up on furniture, crawl like a maniac, walk along furniture and make yourself known with your constant ma-mas and da-das. You even play games! You are loving peek-a-boo right now. Just this morning, as I was rushing to get you dressed, you decided to pull your outfit over your face, wait a second and then pull it off waiting for my “where’s Audrey!?” exclamation before you erupted in laughter and started all over again.

I know now how parenthood will be, the constant, slow drip of you needing less of me, and becoming more of you. So independent and so full of personality, you amaze us every day with a new look, a new sound, a new something.

You sweat, a lot. Girl, you are so hot natured! You sweat when we rock you at night, you work hard and play hard and you go until your little body can’t go anymore. You fight so hard against sleep and every night as I rock you with your bottle, you strain against the inevitable, pulling, tugging, stretching against the sleep that overtakes you until you finally give in. I think you wait for me to give you the OK that it’s fine to rest, it’s OK to sleep and we will be there when you wake. 

Your hair is getting so long and still so blonde. You love Sadie and wished she didn’t run away from you when you try to pet her. You love remote controls. You would be happy to sit with a remote in each hand, passing them back and forth to your mouth for hours. You are fearless! You would launch yourself off the couch if not for our steady, sure hand there to catch you. You are sleeping so well and even starting to sleep late (we think you will be just like your Daddy and love sleep!). You are now, like I always envisioned having a baby would look like. Big, happy, full of baby rolls and squishy and interactive, I have a feeling we are hitting the sweet spot of infancy, but that it will slip too soon into toddler years. But I’ll hold on as long as I can!

I love you Little One. I’m 29 today, and have the best birthday gift ever. The joy of being your Mama. I can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday in just two short months, and all your birthdays after that. I hope we have the best Summer and I can’t wait to see what you do next.


Your Mama