Update on LIFE Lately

Life gets in the way sometimes, you know? Work gets busy. Babies get bigger. I get lazy. Whatever the excuse may be, sometimes things just slip through. So in an effort to catch you all back up, here is the mamma jamma of all “Life Lately” posts. Enjoy!

Feeling … grateful and happy to have celebrated my first Mother’s Day and Audrey’s baby dedication. More thoughts and musings on Mother’s Day hopefully to come but for now, just gratitude that I’m a Mama and I have the best baby on the planet.

Reading … “Where’d You Go Bernadette,”Notes From A Blue Bike,” “Bringing Up BeBe,” “All Joy And No Fun,” “Bread and Wine,” “The Queen’s Inheritance;” and this collection of blog posts.

Listening … “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist on Spotfiy.

Celebrating … my sister in law’s Julie graduation with her master’s degree tomorrow!

Getting … up later and later every morning pushing my arrival at work dangerously close to the “too late” mark.

Drinking … alcohol! Just kidding … but am enjoying the occasional glass of wine or beer now that I’m not breastfeeding anymore. Also, more than my fair share of vanilla lattes are back on the menu.

Seeing … my plants grow! My little tomato, eggplant, cucumber, peppers, and herbs are doing pretty well so far.

Loving … family time.

Not loving … the stomach bug that WILL NOT GO AWAY.

Wondering …  what to do with my first fundraising thing for Audrey’s school. It has pushed me into a theological thought process about my affinity for giving the children playground equipment vs. my utmost hatred for fundraising. HELP ME.