Ketchup. Catch-up. Catsup.

Before I get to the real point of this post, as I was writing the title, I was thinking I would write it as “Catch-up and Ketchup,” for really no reason at all except that the words sound the same. But it reminded me of when I was a little girl, I would always read my mom’s grocery lists and smile at all of her abbreviations for the things she bought all the time. One that always stuck out to me was “catsup.” And I would giggle to my all-knowing 10-year old self that my teacher-mother didn’t know how to spell ketchup.

But, little did I know, it’s actually how you spell it!

Learn something new every day.


I wanted to catch everyone up on a few of my latest blog posts over at Woman’s Hospital. I’ve been steadily writing [and reading] along with other mothers in Baton Rouge about all the joys, highs, lows, messes of motherhood.

Looking ahead to all the new things and new worlds opening up to Audrey.

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