A Valentine’s Day Letter

dear little one,

It’s Valentine’s Day and my heart is bigger than it has ever been before. I woke up this morning to a warm house, sleeping baby and handsome husband, all while it was still dark outside. Earlier in the week, I rocked with you in that same house and listened to the hard rain and thought how wonderful everything was now that you’re here. How can I be so lucky? I thank God every day for you, for your Daddy and for our life. I breathe thankfulness in every moment knowing how special this time is for us right now.

Happy Valentine’s Day Audrey! I hope every year on this day (and every day for that matter) you wake up to a warm hug and kiss from your Mama and Daddy, confidence in our love for you and an eagerness to love the world around you. This morning you woke up with snot dried on your nose, but nonetheless you woke up smiling! And I hope you wake up smiling every day.

You are almost six months old and I can barely believe it! You’ve been sick the last few days, but still love your Sophie the Giraffe, mirrors and anything that resembles paper. Each day as we leave school, you grab your information sheet like it’s your job and hold it tightly until Mama takes it away for fear you will give yourself a paper cut.

You also had food for the first time last night! The doctor told us to fatten you up because you aren’t gaining like you should and so a whole new world has opened to you little one. I can’t wait to teach you how to eat, love food and enjoy suppertime every night like I did growing up. We’re even teaching you how to say a blessing before you eat (even if you stare blankly at us as we hold your hands in your Bumbo chair)!

Today is a special day designated for love. Love is big and strong, and hard and prickly sometimes. But I hope I can show you how to love God, love others and love yourself. I hope you always look forward to this day because you have someone special in your life to say I love you to on this day, and every day forever.

I love you so big, deep and wide.

your mama