audrey in bumbo

… she is doing so much now! Sitting up in her bumbo, chewing on her Sophie, sleeping longer and longer at night, reaching for toys, etc. You name it and she wants to do it. Watch me play Bingo on my phone, watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with me, stand in front of the mirror for hours. She is so joyful too. When you smile at her, she smiles back big and then doubles over with an even bigger smile and joy in heart. We have a happy baby there…

…and she loves to stand in front of a mirror and squeal. That’s her thing. TOTALLY her thing. She could do this for hours.

jason in white

… he killed a rat in our attic. A RAT. We had noticed shall we say “droppings” while putting away Christmas decorations and then also noticed someone was making our pipe wrapping into their lunch, so out came the mouse traps. And I don’t know details (because I told him not to tell me because all I can think of is that rat had a mama and she’s probably sad now), but he came down with something in a garbage bag and a look of triumph on his face. That’s my man!

dmb at piano

…she dragged Jason to another concert, but this time it was different! Dave Matthews, acoustic, at The Seanger Theatre in New Orleans! I mean, how can you turn that down? It was a really perfect little midweek date night reliving some nostalgic moments, having sushi alone and a few extra moments to breathe.

…for your listening pleasure!