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…she still lays on me like this when she’s really tired. Otherwise, it’s all energy. She is rolling over like a champ and sleeping on her own in the crib even better. She smiles so much and has started “squealing” with delight. I love her so and every day I can’t wait to wake up to see her smile.

jason run

…he just completed a half marathon! He ran it under 2 hours and continues to be my super hero. He works so hard, is loving this new running thing and is already wrapped around that baby’s finger 🙂

new…she is excited about Christmas! Hasn’t bought one gift, but believes it will happen eventually. She also hasn’t been to the grocery store since she went back to work and has cooked once in that same time frame. But that’s ok, peanut butter and jelly is a delicacy around these parts!


Author: soroussell

Just a small town girl. Reader. Writer. Lover of music. Marketer. Strategist. Brand lover. Saved by grace. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Undeniable.

One thought on “…she…he…she…

  1. Oh, that first picture. Be still my heart. Don’t ever rush through those moments. They are so fleeting 🙂

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