Begin Again

Well hello there world – you’re still here? There have been moments in the past two baby-focused months that I sometimes thought the only world left was me and Jason, the baby and our little house on the corner. But, in the last few weeks, we have re-emerged from our corner, blinking into the big, bright, beautiful Fall sun and slowly coming back to you.

audrey in pumpkin outfit

Jason and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Audrey Faye, on August 30 and all that we knew has changed. She is now two months old (tomorrow!) and life is getting back into a “new” normal. So, I’m back to blogging! Here and at my other blog home, Woman’s Hospital.

No mother can properly convey her feelings about becoming a mom, having a baby and all that comes with it. But I’m hoping to share with you here what I can put into words about Audrey, life as a new mom, life as a working mom and life in general.

Here’s my first blog back at Woman’s Hospital where you get a small glimpse into our world lately. It’s good to be back.