Social Media Refresher

Social media is everywhere. It’s changed so many things, even how we talk with our families. I can’t tell you how many conversations begin with “oh I saw XYZ on Facebook” or “I posted 123,” and it’s amazing how you have to quickly tell important news to friends and family BEFORE it makes its way online.

With that in mind, I’ve seen a couple of great posts lately about social media, how Facebook is changing (again!) and how social media can be managed within your organization.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should: Tips for using social media in your organization

This post, written by a great professor here at LSU, gives some good tips on what department should handle social media and why. It’s all about who can tell the best story.

Facebook says goodbye to clutter

This post is a quick primer on the changes coming to the Facebook profiles and newsfeed. Usually when Facebook announces changes, I groan and vow to stop using it, but this time around it sounds like it might be a good move. Take a look and see.