Still here

I’m still here. Well…maybe not all here, because it’s that time of year again where I crawl into my finals-end-of-semester hole. But I thought I’d share what our lives have been looking like:

study cornerLots of early Saturday and Sunday mornings in this chair with delicious oatmeal and coffee.

neglected sadieLots of neglected Sadie puppy dog looks. I imagine this is what being a mother with several young children is like. Doing one thing and using any part of your body to entertain them while you work. In this case, my feet are her chew toy.

LSU gameWe have had SOME fun cheering on our beloved LSU Tigers.

pizza faceMaybe a little too much fun…

We even found time for a little photo shoot with the MUCHO TALENTED From the Lab Bench Photography (Paige Brown)


We’ve been keeping up with The Walking Dead (gross but amazing)

walking dead

And in between all of these fun things, I’ve been doing, you know, all the school stuff like a thesis, and research projects and design projects. But those don’t have pretty pictures to share. So you’ll just have to imagine what female empowerment, sexualization and construction logos might look like. 🙂