Getting Heavy

heavyYou may have seen this image floating around my Pinterest and Facebook page recently. I have no idea the original source, or I would link you to it, but this image hit me square in the face this past week. And I wanted to share encouragement to those of you who may feel as I have felt lately.

Things get heavy. School gets heavy. Jobs get heavy. Church gets heavy. Friends get heavy. Things. Get. Heavy. And the more we pile one, the more we busy ourselves and the more we fret, the more it weighs us down.

I’ve felt heavy lately with a lot on my mind, and I wasn’t being brave enough to let some things go. But I’m learning that it is OK to let things go, let them be and let them marinate for a while, instead of forcing, pushing or pulling our way to the next big thing.

I’m still learning and trying, but I’m listening as hard as I can for God’s leading. And I feel there is freedom and lightness when you scale back and just be for a while. So if you’re feeling heavy, a) you’re not alone and, b) let it go.