Do The Twist


I may not have talked about it at length here, but I’m in love with the Starbucks brand. Yes I know they aren’t a real person.

Even though I love the coffee, I love their brand story even more.

I’ve read all their books, the founder’s biographies, and even got to visit the first store when Jason and I were in Seattle (the day we got engaged! ok, squeal over). Starbucks is on a short list of my favorite brands, and I don’t adjust that list very often.

So I don’t often anoint a brand as a favorite, but the time has come.


I know, right? Surprisingly this has nothing to do with the fact that they make White Chocolate Covered Oreos at Christmas time and I might buy out my local grocery every year, and eat them within about a week’s time while decorating my Christmas tree and believing that Santa takes away the calories. Not it at all.

It has everything to do with their latest Social Media Campaign: #DailyTwist.


Take a look at this article about the campaign. Basically, to celebrate its 100th Birthday, each day Oreo would post a new photo showing the famous cookie in a new and fun ways. Talk about a extendable campaign. Smart, fun and they even talk back to people as fans submit ideas, poke fun or admire the work.

Here are the top reasons why I think this campaign is getting so much buzz:

1. Content – each day, Oreo is pushing out something new and fresh to its followers. Not just a static photo of an Oreo bag, or Oreos in different places, it’s taking the icon and making it relevant to that week’s news stories (they’ve had Oreos as NFL replacement refs, Elvis week and Twitter anniversary, among others). This means there are people whose sole job is to think of a new ways to design an Oreo. I want that JOB.

2. Fun – Oreo isn’t afraid to have a little fun. Evidenced by its “Twitter-war” with AMCTheaters, they aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves, or other brands willing to play along. They know what category they are in and don’t take it too seriously. I’m sure they take success of their brand and business seriously, but if you can’t a little fun along the way, why do it?

oreo twitter

3. Engagement – for their final post today (Oct. 2), they crowdsourced the final design, and ultimately gave a virtual high five to all their fans in honor of the campaign (and in honor of the anniversary of the high-five). The final billboard was featured in Times Square. This gives fans a chance to talk back, interact and have as much fun with the brand as the brand is having.

Will this campaign turn into increased sales for Oreo? Not sure yet. But many times this type of campaign is not about profit, but about brand value and moving the brand forward, even for something as old as Oreo. Even today, Facebook fans are begging them not to stop the campaign. That’s incredible. How often do you have customer ASK you to keep advertising?

What do you think? Love the new campaign? Made you hungry? Can’t wait for the White Chocolate Oreo cookies? Well, don’t even try the grocery stores within a mile radius of me…because you’ll be out of luck.


Author: soroussell

Just a small town girl. Reader. Writer. Lover of music. Marketer. Strategist. Brand lover. Saved by grace. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Undeniable.

3 thoughts on “Do The Twist

  1. You’re so smart. And would be great at that Oreo job 🙂

    Then, you could help us find some of the new “Candy Corn” Oreos that are out this October! Johnathan has been stalking every store in our mile radius for those since he saw an ad in one of my magazines for them….

  2. I’m with you, Steph. How could you not love Oreo’s 100 Daily Twist project? One of my favorite Daily Twists was Mars Rover Lands on August 5. And I can’t remember the last campaign when brand followers didn’t want the advertising to end. Great post!

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