The Power Of An Editorial Calendar

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I love a good calendar.


Every year, I painstakingly pick out my planner, open its crisp, new pages and begin to fill in each little box, as if they were each a new opportunity to do something new, experience something new or plan for something new. It’s a science AND an art to make sure a calendar meets my standards:

1. Enough space in each calendar block to write multiple things (I have high expectations for my social life)

2. Enough extra day or “notes” pages to write assignments, To Do lists, grocery lists, or those desperate doodles made during meetings or classes

3. A tough cover that won’t tear because that sucker will get pulled in and out of my purse/bag/laptop case one million times over the next year and it needs a little oomph to make it through

4. Inspirational – whether it’s my color of the moment or a specific design I’m loving, it’s got to make me smile when I take it out

(P.S. Confession time: For my senior year in high school, everyone was required to put one item in a time capsule we will open at our 10-year reunion next year. Can you guess what I put in as my item? That’s right….my planner. I know. My name is Stephanie, and I have a problem.)


But, if you’re like the other 99% that have moved onto electronic calendars a la Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook, then these rules seem antiquated. AND with the proliferation of social media, having an on-the-go, update-able and sync-able calendar is imperative, especially if you’re in the marketing, PR or advertising world. I’m taking baby steps to go in this direction.

More commonly known as editorial calendars or content strategies, these calendars and planning tools can help sort all your ideas, posts, blogs, photos, etc. out to ensure you’re keeping all your content fresh.

I’ve pulled a few great blog posts about this topic, hoping to stir my own creativity to create something like this for this blog, or future clients, or for my own personal life maintenance. Take a look at what some of the experts are saying OR share your favorite calendar/organizing trick with us all!

4 Ways To Beat The Social Media Clock via PRBreakfastClub

Content Strategy Is, in fact, The Next Big Thing via Brain Traffic

Social Media Calendar Template via Ekcetera Design Studio

Organize Your Social Media Efforts via @MaryFletchJones

How To Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar via Search Engine Watch

Let’s get planning!


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