Comparing Drunk Driving To Having A Girl?

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The Case For Girls 

This recent article in Fast Company (by Anya Kamentez) highlighted something very interesting to me. Can gender bias be fixed by branding or advertising? The story goes on to explain the severe, and often fatalistic boy-preferences of many countries, including China, India, etc., but also the underlying phenomenon in the U.S. of parents being more apt to “want” a boy when having children.

Even though research (as quoted in the article) points to many reasons why girls and boys are more equal now, valuable in different ways to the human condition and that girls could hold greater hope for a more educated populace, the stigma remains.

So in an effort to test this theory, the magazine asked several top ad agencies to “rebrand baby girls.” Other than the far reaching comparison of similar campaigns (drunk driving: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” and seat belts), the idea is interesting. Nevermind the reference that baby girls can be as destructive as vehicular homicide. I was intrigued.

Here are the ads the agencies came up with: The Birth Of An Idea. I think my favorite is “Hope It’s A Girl.”

So what do you think? Can branding help? Or is it a social issue bound too deep to chip away at the stigma?


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