Being Relevant

As a millenial, a 20-something and a girl, I’m predisposed to a plethora of emotions that often contradict themselves, creating a swirling vortex of “oh my god, who am I” syndrome that pops up every now and then. Usually at the start of a new job, a new semester, or at the announcement of a new pregnancy (it has GOT to be in the water).

In my generation, it’s about the “me,” the “now” and the “easy.” But we all know that often we feel called to greater, bigger and better things than what’s considered easy. Or what’s considered the normal path. (DISCLAIMER: I am not discrediting the “normal path.” I myself am fairly on the normal path and spent three months bashing Eat Pray Love because it made girls like me who didn’t take soul-searching trips to India sound like drone robots who couldn’t break free from the “chains of normalcy.”)

Anyway, I found this article floating around Facebook, and thought it was a good article about this stage of my life. I may be one year beyond this so-called 25-mark, but I’m in that time of my life where there is still so many possibilities and time. And it doesn’t all have to happen when I think it should.

It’s a good reminder not to get caught up in “now, now, now.” Buy a house now. Get the perfect job now. Have all your babies now. Grow up now. But instead, take the time to be content in who are you now, instead of waiting for the next big thing. And when the next big thing does happen, take them as adventures and let God lead you to your right “now” when it’s the right “time.”

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