Why the picture?

Welcome back!

So you may ask why I chose to include a picture of myself in the header, staring at myself in a mirror, on a day that was all about me [and Jason too!]…the wedding day. Self-involved much?

It means more than you think.

This picture was taken right before I walked down the aisle on my wedding day. I’m in my home church lobby, looking in the mirror for one final touch up. Right to my left were the doors that were opening, my dad waiting to give his youngest daughter away and the foggy windows clouding up a muggy wedding day.

This moment represents the last time I looked at myself as just me. Single me. One half of a whole me. Right before I saw Jason for the first time that day and we started a new adventure together.

This moment represents my transition into a new life.

BUT it doesn’t represent a lost me. I’ve found in all my wise years of marriage [a year and half to be exact!] that being married does overtake me, it enhances me. I’m still that same girl, looking in the mirror, but with a partner, a friend for life, a constant smile maker.

It was an inflection point in my life. And one that I’m glad is captured. It creates a jumping off point for more depth, more insight and more understanding of life through a new filter. The filter through which I’m sharing my life with you. Hooray!