The Start of Something New

I’m a modern Ophelia. A small town girl caught in a bigger-than-life world. I’m a graduate student, but an aspiring professional. My goal in life is to make my Most Likely To Succeed title in high school a reality, and then write a book about it. I’m a wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Mother to Sadie i.e., human dog. Chocolate-milk lover. And according to Myers-Briggs, a caregiver. In short, it’s complicated.

I’ve shared thoughts and musings on previous blogs, found here.

But this is a new chapter. A time to breathe more life into my writing. Not just when I’m introspective or blue, but now more to write about my life, which before I considered dull. But then I started looking at the blogs I follow most. And there was a common theme. Normal, everyday women, who took time to talk about their everyday life and the beauty, hope, adventure, excitement they pulled from it. I think I can do the same.

Cast of Characters:


Hubby-extraordinaire Jason

Sybil Sadie the dog

And there are so many other people in my life I want to tell you about it, but that will come with time. I hope to share and to connect with this space, make it more than just a public diary. I hope you’ll join me along the way. I’m not promising a rose garden, but maybe a few blooms along the way to remember.